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A luxury villa and a private chef

A luxury villa and a private chef makes your holiday experience even more relaxed and even more exclusive. Whether you just want a special occasion, for example a birthday or anniversary, catered; or if you want multiple dinners or even all your meals provided, we can arrange a private chef to do your catering. Our chefs can create anything from high class international cuisine to the very best of local Greek cooking. Everything is possible and at rates we think you’ll find surprisingly affordable.

A luxury villa and a private chef

We work with several local chefs. They’ll not only source all the ingredients and cook you amazing meals (with all dietary needs managed) they’ll also leave the kitchen absolutely spotless afterwards.

From special occasions ….

A luxury villa and a private chef

For a special occasion our chefs can cook you a multi-course extravaganza. They can bake a special occasion cake. And, via the wonderful De Blanck wines, they can procure a selection of exceptional Greek wines to go with your food.

What better way to celebrate special birthdays or significant anniversaries than dining on great food with close friends and family? Add in Villa Gabriella’s terrace, our amazing view and amazing cooking you’re not doing and you’ve a perfect recipe. A luxury villa with a private chef really does make for that perfect celebration on your luxury villa holiday.

…. To everyday cooking

A luxury villa and a private  chef

For more simple cuisine, our chefs will create, using locally sourced ingredients, the most amazing Greek food. From a traditional Greek salad to the locally loved Dakos salad, from Greek favourites like Moussaka and Stifado and they’ll even whip up a fabulous barbecue if that’s what you’d like.

And we even arrange freshly prepared buffet breakfasts where you need only serve yourself. Freshly squeezed island oranges, local Greek yoghurt and home made pastries. And let our bean to cup espresso machine produce the coffees too!

If you’d like enquire about a private chef for your stay at Villa Gabriella do get in touch here. This is a service that’s worth booking in advance, especially in high season, as the great chefs we work with can be in very high demand in the peak summer period.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

Greek holiday villa. Relax we even do your shopping!

You’ve booked a Greek holiday villa because of the fabulous weather, beautiful countryside, stunning sea views, warm mediterranean waters and chilled island life. And of course because you want to relax with family or friends away from a stuffy, formal hotel. And nothing’s less relaxing than arriving and needing to go shopping.

Partnered with the experts at Villa Fresh

Greek holiday villa

At Villa Gabriella we partner with the lovely Hazel and her team at Villa Fresh who specialise in villa provisioning. At a minimum, and included in your booking price, is a hamper of fresh food on arrival. This will see you through dinner and breakfast when you arrive. But the team at Villa Fresh can do much more than this. We put you in contact with Hazel directly and her team do your shopping for you. You give them the list and they’ll provision the villa for you using their extensive contact list on the island to ensure your shop is as local as possible and absolutely fresh. There’s no more relaxing way to start your stay at your Greek holiday villa.

Get your holiday started the moment you arrive.

Greek villa holiday

On arrival you’ll be able to relax straight into the Lefkada vibe. Soak up the view from the terrace with chilled wine or cold beer from the fridge, take a swim in our infinity pool, have a refreshing nap in the shaded poolside pergola, or soak away any aches from the travel in our secluded hot tub. Get your Greek holiday villa vacation off to the perfect start knowing that the fridge is full and you’ve no task list, beyond deciding between red and white.

A villa hamper from us includes enough food for dinner and breakfast, a stock of soft drinks and beer and a bottle of red and white wine from a high quality Greek winery. You’ll find details on each year’s wine choice in other blogs – see here what we offered our 2021 guests.

And a shop done for you includes exactly what you want and done by people who care that you get the freshest, most flavoursome food, from local, sustainable sources.

All you have to do is book your holiday and then enjoy eating it! Check our availability here and get in contact to confirm your perfect Greek holiday villa for 2022.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

Lefkada Luxury Villa – 2022 updates

The importance of professional cleaning & sanitisation

Lefkada Luxury Villa

At Villa Gabriella Lefkada, as a leading Lefkada luxury villa, we’re always looking to improve what we offer our guests. In 2020, during the early days of the pandemic, we invested in an anti-viral fogging machine to help ensure a covid free environment. With the global covid pandemic not completely over, we understand that guests remain a little concerned about travel and the cleanliness of their accommodation.

We’ve always been proud of our incredibly high cleaning standards. And so for 2022 we’ve chosen to partner with ISO 9001 accredited professional cleaning company, BioAction Lefkas. This will ensure we offer the highest standards of cleaning and sanitisation.

Pool, hot tub and anti-viral misting

For next season BioAction will be cleaning our Lefkada luxury villa, both inside and out, between guests. They’ll be cleaning the heated infinity pool and the hot tub. And adjusting the chemicals in both.

Lefkada luxury villa
Anti viral misting

And to finish each clean they’ll be using our hospital-grade misting machine and Virokill anti-viral solution to ensure a completely covid free environment.

Certified mattress deep cleaning

They’ll also be conducting certified mattress deep cleaning.

All of which provides complete peace of mind that your Lefkada luxury villa is sparkling clean. And that it provides a safe and relaxing environment for your family’s holiday.

We understand that this is critical for any accommodation, let alone an exclusive, luxury villa. Because when you arrive on holiday you want to be able relax completely, safe in the knowledge you’re in an absolutely clean environment.

With our new ISO accredited supplier and the proven ViroKill technology we’re certain there’s no safer place to enjoy your hard earned holiday than at Villa Gabriella Lefkada.

Lefkada luxury villa

And a view to die for ….

After the travel challenges of 2020 and 2021 we’re already about 60% booked for 2022, so if you’d like to experience a fantastic Villa Gabriella Lefkada holiday then get in touch with us soon to book your time to enjoy all that this beautiful island and this luxury villa has to offer.

Oh, and to wake up to this view every single morning! If that doesn’t clean your soul then nothing will!

Lefkada luxury  villa

Villa Gabriella. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.

Greek Island villa – it’s the details that matter

When you’ve researched your Greek island villa holiday and booked a stay at Villa Gabriella Lefkada we try to attend to all the little details to make your arrival, and your holiday, perfect. Like other luxury villas we provide a hamper of fresh food on arrival. This means you need not worry about what you’re eating when you arrive or for breakfast the following morning. We typically include fresh local bread, milk, orange juice, some cheeses, cold meats, Greek yoghurt and fruits and a local, freshly roasted chicken. And of course we supply soft drinks, beers and wine.

But with the wine we try to stand out. We hope to introduce you to the wonderful world of modern Greek wine.  It’s worth remembering that much of Europe’s wine heritage can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. But it’s a heritage that was sadly lost in the intervening centuries.

With the creation of a high quality, modern Greek wine industry there are now a large number of wonderful artisanal wineries that have developed over the last generation.  All we ask is that you forget any pre-conceptions you may have about Greek wine being poor quality Retsina!

Beautiful Meteora – about 4 hours from Villa Gabriella

Greek island villa

For 2021 we’ve chosen two wonderful Greek wines to welcome our guests; one red and one white.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy both during your stay at our Greek island villa.  They’re from the Tsililis family’s Theopetra estate that covers 15 hectares in the east of Meteora. Meteora is a town famous for its amazing and historic monasteries built on impossible rocky outcrops.

The Tsililis family created an iconic vineyard in the region to highlight the particularities of the terroir and to revive rare Greek grape varieties in the production of their wines. Inspired by the mystical landscape of Meteora, they’ve leveraged the unusual soil composition created by Meteora’s famous rock formations. This gives low yields of high-quality grapes grown on east-west slopes of 10-30 degrees and at altitudes of 280-350m. The warm continental climate moderated by frequent cooler winds from the Pindos mountains to the north means the grapes ripen fully, but progressively, with little risk of disease. This allows a fully certified organic wine-making process.  Together these elements create grapes with concentrated flavours and balanced acidity that make distinctive wines using a process that’s in harmony with nature.

They also pride themselves on the beautiful artwork in each wine’s label. In the case of our 2021 selections this is “The Grape & the Man. The Vine and the Ascetic Monk”.

The Askitikos label

Our wines this year are from the estate’s Askitikos label.  It’s influenced by the monastic history in Meteora.  For monks the vine was both a source of work and a source of food (the grape) or drink (the wine). In short a fundamental part of monastic life. Monks made wines each year from grapes they cultivated with huge respect for the precious land. Then they vinified them using classical and simple methods, highlighting the characteristics of each variety before ageing the wine patiently in casks in dark cellars. The result was wines with intense aromas, pure taste and mysterious character.

The range of ASKITIKOS wines follows the example of these “ascetically” made wines of the past combined with the benefits of new technology. Carefully selected low-yield grapes, from high quality Greek vineyards are vinified under fully controlled conditions to retain all the characteristics of varieties and terroir. They become delicious, high quality wines. You can pick up more supplies of these, or many other fantastic Greek wines, from DeBlanck Greek Wines in Nidri.  Have to chat to the lovely owners, Bob & Anja, and open your eyes to the amazing Greek wines of the 21stCentury to enjoy on your Greek island villa holiday.

For our 2021 white wine we’ve chosen the Askitikos White.

Greek island villa

Produced from low-yield grapes of the international varieties Sauvignon Blanc & Chardonnay and the Greek variety Assyrtiko. Vinified in stainless steel tanks, with prefermentative maceration before the alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures. Characterised by fresh fruity aromas of lemon, mango and pineapple with hints of fine herbal aromas. There’s a refreshing palate with pleasant zestiness. It pairs well with seafood and fish, white meat and is also delightful consumed on its own. Perfect for enjoying on the terrace of your Greek island villa whilst you take in Villa Gabriella’s stunning views.

And for the red we’ve chosen the Astikitos red.

Greek island villa

Well ripened grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and the indigenous Agiorgitiko are vinified under controlled conditions. Then follows an ageing process in French and American oak barriques for 12 months. The result is a wine with intense aromas of red fruits and spicy hints of vanilla and black pepper. There’s a velvety smooth palate and a medium length and pleasant aftertaste. It pairs well with red meat, charcuterie and spicy cheese dishes.

Greek island villa

To enquire about a stay at Villa Gabriella and the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of Greek wine whilst soaking up one of the Mediterranean’s finest views from the terrace of your Greek island villa please drop us a note from our Contact Us page.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. immerse yourself.

Secluded Greek villas – this one is perfect!

Summer 2021 is on the horizon. Amidst the grey winter weather and covid lockdowns cheer yourself up and turn your attention to a summer holiday. Greece is always a good choice but how to find that extra bit of seclusion? We understand that, in 2021 especially, a bit of extra seclusion may be what you need to truly relax on holiday. And when you search for secluded Greek villas you’ll find there are none better than Villa Gabriella Lefkada.

Secluded Greek villas
Seclusion as standard

We’re just a 7-8 minute drive from the local beach, town and quayside, and every one of the amazing beaches on the island is within a 30-40 minute drive. And yet we also enjoy a uniquely secluded location in the cypress forest above the local town of Nidri. Our nearest neighbours are some 600m away so you get to enjoy your holiday in privacy and with a level of seclusion that may be important to you in 2021. When it comes to secluded Greek villas you simply can’t beat Villa Gabriella.

Luxury Greek villas – advantage Lefkada

The island of Lefkada, whilst only about 35km from north to south and about 15km from east to west, is big enough to offer everything you’d want from a summer holiday. With a big dose of Greek culture and history and with any number of great beaches. Add in a wide choice of activities both on the water and in the mountainous interior this is an amazing island. And with a floating bridge to the island you’re not tied to any complicated travel plans involving ferries! And once you are here, everything’s just a short trip from Villa Gabriella – this jewel amongst secluded Greek villas.

See some great holiday activities on our Instagram feed

Give us a follow on Instagram @villagabriellalefkada . We’re always trying to share great ideas to make your holiday absolutely perfect.

Secluded Greek villas
You can find all the parts of this list on our Instagram feed.

Don’t miss out on our 2021 early booking offer, offering 25% off on all weeks this season. That’s a great offer for a week or two in the luxury of one of the Ionian’s finest villas.

You can check our latest availability here where you’ll also find those special rates with the 25% discount. And if you prefer to book via one of the established platforms you’ll find us on Airbnb and VRBO and on the excellent local platform Lefkada Rentals.

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Luxury Lefkada villa – 28 things to do!

We know it’s not easy – this luxury Lefkada villa holiday business. It takes some doing. Lounging by the infinity pool, the warm sun on your back, staring at the beautiful view and sipping a cold beer or glass of wine. But decisions are needed. What to do now you’ve ticked “chilling by the pool” off your holiday bucket list?

So here’s a few helpful suggestions of things you could do, most of which we can help organise for you if you let us know what you’d like to do. And of course if your list stops at “chilling by the pool” then that’s just fine too – it’s your holiday after all.

But if you’re up for something more, let’s start gently – you’re on holiday remember!

Let’s move from chilling by the pool and settle in the hot tub. The view’s equally good and perhaps we might suggest taking a glass (or bottle) of fizz with you? That’s a real luxury Lefkada villa experience! Or perhaps you could move to the lunch terrace, changing the angle of the view by a degree or two, for a lunch of fresh local ingredients washed down with another cold beer or glass of wine?

Luxury Lefkada Villa
For those for whom a picture is worth a thousand words!

Something a bit more, energetic?

If you’ve ticked these challenges off your list then how about something that requires a little more “get up and go”. Start early and watch the sunrise over the hills on the mainland from our terraces. A fresh coffee from our bean to cup machine will bring you round nicely to face the day.

Hire a boat and explore?

And then perhaps you should go and see our friends at Trident Boats and hire yourself a motorboat and have a meander around the local islands. A spot of lunch on Meganisi? A swim in a bay with no one else around from a beach accessible only by boat. Perfect!

To explore a little farther afield how about booking on a cruise on the MS Christina for their “Forgotten Islands” day trip. This beautiful wooden boat will take you further than your hired motorboat and someone else does the driving and cooking! After all you don’t want to over do it on your luxury Lefkada villa holiday.

Luxury Lefkada Villa
It’s not actually a thousand words …..

If you’re feeling really energetic try our friends at Get Active Lefkas. They’ll take you cycling (road biking or mountain bike trails) or hiking around the stunning interior of this island. If you like the idea of seeing the interior of our beautiful island (highest point 1182m) but you don’t fancy the peddling, then book a private 4×4 Tour with the wonderful Yiannis at 4×4 Cruise Lefkada. You’ll save those legs, but beware the waistline from his home grown, truly authentic Greek picnic food. At the end of the day perhaps you should relax with an aperitif in Lefkas town to watch the sunset over the town’s beautiful wooden bridge.

A change of scenery from your luxury Lefkada villa?

If it’s just a change of scenery you want then take a short drive to a different beach each day. Try the famed Egremini beach – considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Or try Agios Nikitas, Porto Katsiki, Kathisma, Mikros Gialos or Gyra beach – all listed as super clean “Blue Flag” beaches in 2020. After all, what’s the point of a luxury Lefkada villa if you can’t get to all the best beaches with just a short drive?

We can also help you arrange Horse Riding – another way to see the stunning beauty of this island. Or go sport fishing (in season); or learn to sail or go hire a yacht to go day sailing.

Luxury Lefkada Villa
… promise!

For something less physical there’s always some Greek cooking lessons or a private tutored tasting by the knowledgeable team at de Blanck wines. They’ll introduce you to some of the amazing wines coming from the artisanal wineries across Greece – you’re sure to find some true treasures here! And you can take a few back to your luxury Lefkada villa to enjoy with lunch or dinner.

For the daring amongst you how about some tandem paragliding? Or hire a SUP and go paddle boarding? Or a windsurfer – Vasiliki at the south of the island is considered one of the finest bays for windsurfing (for beginners to experts) in the entire Mediterranean. Alternatively, go on a marine adventure and meet an octopus. Do you know just how friendly and just how smart the average octopus is?

Culture and history?

And of course Greece is always Greece – a place blessed with ancient history and culture. If this is your thing, then there are monasteries, ancient churches and castles and any number of ruins to explore.

When you’re finally done you can always retreat to your luxury Lefkada villa. In some ways Lefkada is like stepping back in time to a slower pace of life. Chill on the terrace with a good book, cool off in the pool, or perhaps, if it’s really all too much, just sleep in on our comfortable beds. All finished with luxury, high thread count, linens. Shhh.

Luxury Villa Lefkada
But it is the easy way to digest the options!

Check our availability for summer 2021 here. And just give us a shout if you need any help!

Villa Gabriella. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.

PS. Actually, we’ve still got a few more suggestions – just ask!!

Spacious luxury villa on Lefkada – 25% off in 2021

We’re pleased to announce our 2021 pricing. A little earlier than usual but that’s the travel industry today! After a difficult season in 2020 we’re making a very strong offer for early bookings for the 2021 season. Approximately 25% off if booked by January 31st 2021. With airlines already showing schedules into summer 2021 it’s a perfect time to plan ahead. So get yourself a good deal on flights and a great deal on this spacious luxury villa on Lefkada.

spacious luxury villa on Lefkada
Same super luxury experience – with early booking discounts of 25%

Despite the early booking discounts you’ll still get the same exceptional holiday experience here at Villa Gabriella. We’ll still be one of only a few villas on the entire island to offer a heated pool. We heat from the start of the season to mid June and then from mid-September to the end of the season. This keeps the pool at a beautiful 26C, even in these cooler months. Of course from mid-June to mid-september the pool will always be above 26C anyway! It’s a major contribution to a premium experience at this spacious luxury villa on Lefkada. And with our solar PV array and air source heat pump, it’s carbon free heating!

spacious luxury villa on Lefkada
Luxurious holiday living

The hot tub will still be bubbling away, perfect in the evenings with a chilled glass in hand. The bedrooms will still benefit from luxury linens, whisper quiet AC and ceiling fans. The fully tiled bathrooms (all ensuite to the four bedrooms) will still have their fluffy luxury towels. And of course the views across the inland sea and the Princess islands will still be unmatched. All told there’s no better spacious luxury villa on Lefkada – sleeping eight people in complete luxury.

Amazing early booking discounts of 25% for summer 2021

Low season rates start from 1,875 Euro. Even peak weeks in July and August are under 5,000 Euro with the 25% early booking discount. So it’s the perfect time to book your luxury villa holiday on Lefkada for 2021. Take a look at our prices here where you can also get in touch with us.

To check out your flight options we suggest using Skyscanner or look direct at EasyJet, British Airways or Norwegian. There will be options via Charterflights but we don’t expect to see those flights becoming available until much later this year.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.

Luxury serviced villa on Lefkada. And relax.

One wonderful thing (amongst many) about a villa holiday is enjoying your own space and privacy whilst someone else, unobtrusively, organises some of the things you want to do. At Villa Gabriella Lefkada, a luxury serviced villa on Lefkada, we provide the perfect balance. Daily maid services intrude on that “home from home” feeling. So we ensure your private space stays private with an unobtrusive mid-week towel change that keeps your linens fresh with minimal intrusion. At the same time we’re on hand to help you organise as much activity (or as little activity) as you want during your stay in this luxury serviced villa on Lefkada.

luxury serviced villa on Lefkada
Enjoy your privacy
We can organise as many (or as few) activities as you want.

Our villa hosts, Jon & Gill, will point you towards the best beaches, the best tavernas & restaurants and the best days and nights out. Do you want a chef who’ll cook for you at the villa? Or a tutored Greek wine tasting hosted on the beautiful terrace at Villa Gabriella? Just ask – we can organise it. These are just a couple of examples that make for a perfect holiday at this luxury serviced villa on Lefkada.

Do you want to learn to sail? We can hook you up with certified training. Do you need to keep your gym routine going to fight off the effects of the marvellous Greek cuisine? We can book you in at the local gym. Or do you want to hire a boat and explore beyond Lefkada? We can arrange a great day out for you. Horse riding? Mountain biking, road cycling, or e-biking for those a little less fit? Tandem para-gliding for the brave? It’s all possible from this luxury serviced villa on Lefkada.

A private 4×4 tour of the island that gets you so far off the normal tourist track you really will find the authentic Greece. Scuba diving. A local “Sunset & Stars” night including great food and magical story telling that entwines the Greek legends with star gazing at night skies utterly free from light pollution.

It’s the small details that make your holiday perfect

These are some of the little details that make for a perfect holiday at this luxury serviced villa on Lefkada. The choice to enjoy as much, or as little, of this beautiful island as you want. Of course we understand that some people just want to laze around the private (heated in low season), infinity pool. They just want to soak up the sunshine and the magnificent views. They want to enjoy quiet barbecues with family or friends on the terrace, washed down with good quality wines and cold beers. And if that’s your perfect holiday then we’ll leave you to enjoy your privacy. And we’ll just sneak in to manage your mid-week towel change!

If you’d like to experience the unique blend of serviced luxury, activities and relaxation we offer, then you can check our availability here. Or feel free to contact us using the contact form on the same page.

Villa Gabriella Lefkada. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.

Ionian villas with heated pools – a rare treat!

If you’re planning a July or August villa holiday in the Ionian then there’s no need to read on! You really won’t be needing a heated pool. You should have a lovely 27-30C in your villa’s pool anyway – you certainly will at Villa Gabriella. But if you’re on holiday outside peak season (May to mid-June and mid-September to October) then your search for Ionian villas with heated pools is over! At Villa Gabriella we run a eco-friendly air source heat pump – powered by our own 6.6 KwH solar array. It keeps our pool at 25C in these lower season weeks.

Ionian villas with heated pools
Ecologically warmed to 25C in low season

Whilst the weather is usually lovely during the days, the evenings and nights are cooler in early and late season. And that means cooler pool temperatures. Especially in the early season when pools need time to warm up after they’ve been filled in the Spring. Unless you’re a fan of “bracing swims” you might find these temperatures take the edge off your enjoyment of your luxury villa holiday. At Villa Gabriella there’s nothing to take the edge of your holiday experience as we’re one of a select few Ionian villas with heated pools.

So if a stunning pool for an enjoyable swim is part of your idea of a fantastic holiday in the Ionian; but you’d rather not turn blue in the process then take a look at this secluded and luxurious Ionian villa.

And we offer so much more than just a heated pool …

Aside from the heated pool we offer four luxury bedrooms, all ensuite, all with high quality linens and towels. We also offer a fully equipped kitchen and comfortable living spaces. And the most stunning full length dining terrace perfected positioned to exploit the truly amazing view. Throw in air-conditioning, a large pool terrace, poolside bar and a six-seater hot tub – also with a view – and you’ve the makings of a truly unforgettable luxury villa holiday.

Ionian villas with heated pools
If the pool’s still not warm enough – the hot tub is 37-38C!

So take a look through our website and check our availability here. And then take a look at the options for getting here – we’re just a 45 minute drive from the Greek airport of Preveza (PVK). Feel free to message us and ask us fo the best travel options, or take a quick look at Skyscanner or Charterflights for flights.

We look forward to welcoming you to our secluded Ionian villa with a heated pool. And giving you the holiday of a lifetime.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.

A spacious villa on Lefkada – space is luxury

In 2020 more than ever, space is luxury. As people consider a summer holiday after the stresses of lockdown, more than ever, they’re looking for their own space. At Villa Gabriella, a spacious villa on Lefkada, we’re perfectly located – hundreds of metres from our nearest neighbours – if you exclude the birds and the cicadas in the surrounding trees.

The villa itself is very spacious – over 200m2 of interior floor space. We offer four bedrooms, all ensuite – two with baths (showers over) and two with walk in showers. And we don’t offer any sofa-beds (or similar) to ensure the living space is always free to use. That said, we can offer up to two cots and small fold up beds for young children.

Spacious villa on Lefkada
Living spaces

There’s also plenty of space on our pool terrace and our dining terrace. But perhaps the greatest space luxury is the private terrace to the master bedroom. So when you feel you need your private space then there’s no better place to be than Villa Gabriella. If you’d like a close look at, for example, our living spaces then check out one of our short video walkthroughs here.

Cleanliness & sanitisation

Alongside a spacious villa on Lefkada you’re doubtless searching for the highest possible standards of cleanliness and sanitisation. At Villa Gabriella, we’ve always been proud of our cleaning standards – for years we’ve routinely disinfected switches and handles. But in 2020, we’ve had to add to our routine to make sure we’re not just a spacious villa but also a completely sanitised space as well.

So for 2020 we’ve invested in a Tornado B fogging machine. This allows us to completely fog the villa when guests leave using an anti-viral treatment (Viro-Kill RTU™) which is proven to kill many viruses, including COVID-19. The Tornado machine is ideal for a large, spacious villa on Lefkada, like Villa Gabriella, as it allows a mist to permeate entire rooms in just a couple of minutes. We can do the entire villa in around 20 minutes. After fogging we seal up the villa overnight (far longer than the necessary 40 minutes) which offers a high degree of protection to our cleaners who then ventilate and clean the villa to our usual high standard the following day. And as the final security for our guests we fog again after cleaning and only open the villa when our new guests arrive.

Socially distanced check in
Spacious villa on Lefkada

Using a socially distanced check-in protocol we now ask our guests to enjoy a cool drink on our stunning terrace, drinking in the panoramic view at the same time, whilst one member of the party is guided round the villa by one of our villa hosts.

And at that time we open windows to ventilate any residue of the fogging. Within 15-20 minutes the entire villa is available for guest use. This comprehensive programme protects both our guests and our hosts & cleaners ensuring everyone gets to enjoy the beauty of this spacious villa on Lefkada safe in the knowledge that the highest possible standards of hygiene have been delivered.

Last couple of weeks for 2020

We’ve just a couple of weeks left for summer 2020. So if you want a safe, secluded and spacious villa holiday in this beautiful part of the Ionian get in contact with us here. And you can check out flights at to arrive at our local airport of Preveza (PVK) just 45 minutes drive from our front gates!

Villa Gabriella. Ionian Luxury. Immerse yourself.