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Top 5 things to do on Lefkada

When you go on holiday you may just want to chill by the pool or on the beach. You may want to forget the time and just let the cool vibe and warm sunshine of the Ionian wash over you. Or you may want to laze in the pool, or in the some of the clearest seas, in the world. And if you do that’s just fine. But if you’re one of those people who wants to be out and about, filling your time with action & activity then here’s just a few of our favourite things to do on Lefkada. Our top 5 things to do on Lefkada – in no particular order.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Hire a motorboat

For a change of scenery why not rent a small motorboat and head over to Meganissy. There are plenty of options to hire a small motorboat (no licence required for up to 30hp) but one of the best and most convenient, as they’re on Nydri quayside, is Trident Boats. Cruise round the Islands of Madhouri, Sparti, Skorpios, and Thilia (that’s the tiny one in the channel between Lefkada & Meganissy). Find an empty bay to drop an anchor & swim in the clearest water you can imagine. Head into Spartochori or Vathy on Meganissy for a lunch stop. And enjoy the cool breeze from being on the sea – do take some sun cream!

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Faneromeni Monastery

Next up, and something totally different, why not visit the beautiful Greek Orthodox Faneromeni Monastery? Located just above Lefkas Town, with stunning views towards the northern Ionian, it’s a remarkably peaceful place. Beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens and very relaxing & calming.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – visit the Cape

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada

Try a trip to the southern point of the island. Stop at one of the tavernas on the west of the island for lunch and stop in Vasseliki on the way back for a coffee or a swim, but travel to Cape Lefkada.

The island is at its wildest here. There are some spectacular views to be had and the lighthouse at the southern point is very stunning.

If you’re up for it, then sunset from here is a truly stunning view. But be careful coming back in the dark – some of the roads are narrow, totally unlit and there are more than a few wild goats around!

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Lefkada Microfarm

Enjoy a visit to the Lefkada Microfarm. Just down the hill from Villa Gabriella it’s a lovely place. Learn about Greek agricultural tradition, enjoy one of their cooking classes or their olive oil experience. Embrace a slower pace of life somewhere that feeds your soul as well as your stomach. It’s a perfect place to find the mental relaxation that’s so important on a holiday.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – take a boat trip

If you want to get out on the water without taking the helm, then try a cruise from Nydri quayside. There are many to choose from but our personal favourite is onboard the MS Christina. Their “Forgotten Islands” cruise on a beautiful wooden boat, with plenty of space, plenty of sun loungers, plenty of great food and drinks, is a totally chilled way to enjoy seeing other parts of the area that are too far for a small motorboat hire. They also make swimming stops, and have quite a good record for dolphin spotting too!

But if you’d really just rather chill by the pool with a cold beer, or glass of wine, then that’s fine too! It’s what holidays are for and our lovely sundial cat promises not to interrupt your holiday vibe! But if you really feel the need his tail will tell you whether it’s time for another dip in the pool!

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September Villa holiday

After the busy August period our beautiful island of Lefkada drifts gently into September. And this is possibly the best time of year to visit. The days are a little shorter and a little cooler (it’s around 30C now), but the water in the sea and in the pool at Villa Gabriella Lefkada is still gorgeously warm (without our heating system!) and the beaches, restaurants & tavernas are all quieter. In short it’s a perfect time for a September villa holiday.

September villa holidays
It’s still 30C in the pool in mid-September 2022!

You’ll find plenty of space on even the most popular beaches. You’ll get tables at all the tavernas without booking and even at the island’s top restaurants you probably need only book a day or two ahead.

And prices at Villa Gabriella Lefkada drop dramatically after the first Sunday of September. If you don’t need to visit during the the August peak then this really is the perfect time of year to visit for a September villa holiday.

Try combining a September villa holiday with seeing some more of Greece

It’s also a great time to do a little touring in Greece. Try combining a weeks September villa holiday with a few days touring the country. Of course there’s Athens and the ancient history and heritage. But there’s also remarkable places like Meteora and the monasteries, wonderful ancient sites such as the remarkable Ancient Theatre at Epidavros or Ancient Olympia. There’s even quirky parts of Greek history like the rack railway linking Daikopto and Kalyvryta on the northern Peloponnese. It’s a chance to explore some of the hidden gems of Greece combining this with a chilled week.

If you’d like to consider a September villa holiday why not check our availability for September 2023 here. And take an early look at the flight schedules and options at Skyscanner. Airlines usually post their flights 365 days in advance.

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Ionian villa – take a virtual 3D tour

When you’re choosing an Ionian villa for your holiday it’s great to be able to take a virtual tour of the villa so you know exactly what you’re getting. At Villa Gabriella Lefkada we’ve partnered with Matterport and the fantastic team at VMR Draughting to produce a 360 degree walkthrough of this beautiful villa. Walk through each and every room, see and feel the space, see the decor, read the information and understand exactly what you’re getting from your Ionian villa.

Take the 3D tour here.

Four bedrooms. All Ensuite. No sofa beds!

Lots of villas will tell you they sleep 8 people. Few do so in true luxury. We offer 4 generously sized bedrooms, 4 bath or shower rooms and absolutely no pull out beds or sofa beds in the living spaces (although we can do up to two cots or beds for small children in the two largest bedrooms).

When you’re on holiday you want to relax. You probably need to relax. And that’s much easier when everyone has their own private sleeping space and their own bathroom. This comfort and privacy is a defining characteristic of a truly luxurious Ionian villa.

Private spaces

And when you travel as a large family or a group whilst you want to be together it’s also nice when everyone can find a “private space” to chill. At Villa Gabriella we have loads of these. There’s the pergola on the pool terrace complete with pull down sun blinds. The poolside chill out bar and lounge – cool and shady on a hot afternoon. Then there’s the outside lounge, finished with large comfy sofas and shaded but with a beautiful breeze. Or try the hot tub, tucked away amidst the trees with a stunning view across the Princess Islands. And the master bedroom has its own private terrace with more great taking views. This is true Ionian villa luxury.

And when the day is done, you can congregate together around the generously sized dining table. Fire up the barbecue, pull a cork on some great Greek wine and share the Ionian villa holiday experience.

Check our remaining 2022 availability here. or ask about an early booking discount for 2023.

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Sustainable luxury villa holidays

Most of us want a slice of luxury on our hard earned holidays. But we also want to know that our holiday accommodation does what’s possible to minimise their environmental impact. Villa Gabriella Lefkada does just that so you know you’re minimising the impact of your stay – sustainable luxury.

On world environment day 2022 we’re taking a quick look at both the stunning natural beauty of Lefkada and the Ionian islands and sharing a few of the measures we’ve taken to minimise our environmental impact.

sustainable travel

Close by Lefkada, with a bit of good fortune on a boat trip you may be lucky enough to see the elusive mediterranean monk seal. With only an estimated 400 left this beautiful, rare and protected creature is a joy to see.

sustainable travel

Around the island you’ll find a multitude of wild flowers that vary depending on the season. In May the wild poppies are especially stunning, the bright red popping against the verdant green grasses and trees and the deep blue of the Ionian sea.

sustainable travel

And in September or October you may be lucky enough to see the migratory flamingos on the lagoon. The collective noun for flamingos is a flamboyance. And that’s just such an apt description.

And whenever you visit and wherever you stay the views of this largely unspoilt island will never disappoint. We may be biased but the view from our own terrace takes some beating! Sustainable luxury with a view to die for!

sustainable luxury

But all around the island you’ll find stunning views.

It’s important to us that we do our bit to preserve this stunning natural beauty for our children and their children, our visitors, their children and their children’s children. So what are we doing to give you sustainable luxury?

What we do to minimise our impact on the environment

We produce almost all our own electricity. 97% last year. But you always have to get better so we’ve made some more changes to how the villa consumes power and this year we’re running at 107%, so we’re putting power back to the Greek grid. We offer a sorting system for recycling in the villa & we have a beautiful wildflower area in the garden, it’s great for local honey bees but it’s also well distant from our pool and dining terraces. And wherever possible we source locally. Certainly the food in our guest hampers is sourced from small local markets and the wines we provide are all proudly Greek and very, very good.

We do provide AC in all the bedrooms, but we also provide ceiling fans that are much less energy intensive and very effective in all but the hottest weeks of the summer. We’re not perfect but we’re trying hard to make sure the luxury holiday you enjoy is as sustainable as possible.

Why not check out our remaining weeks for 2022 or book ahead for 2023. You can see our availability here. You’ll also find us on Airbnb & Holiday Lettings if you’d prefer to book through a major platform.

Villa Gabriella. Sustainable luxury. Immerse yourself.

Ionian villa holiday – take a tour

You’ll have lots if things on your “need to have” list for your Ionian villa holiday. And probably a few more on your “nice to have” list. So why not take a look at what Villa Gabriella Lefkada offers. We’d like to thank we might tick all the things on your “need to have” list and on your “nice to have” list.

It’s hard to put all this into words. So why not check out our two-minute video for a virtual tour of the villa? Then you can decide if it’s perfect for your Ionian villa holiday. It’s surprisingly affordable too. Check out our availability and pricing here.

You’ll want a pool, of course. Private, of course. And if you’re coming outside the summer peak, heated would be nice. Yes. ours is all of those things (heated to 24C in May and October). And it has an infinity edge. For when you just want to hang in the water and take in that view.

Ionian villa holiday

On your Ionian villa holiday you’ll want space for everyone. A bathroom for each bedroom and space to do your own thing. Villa Gabriella has all that. Four bedrooms, one superking, two kings and a twin, all with their own ensuite bath or shower rooms.

Our outside lounge. A perfect space to relax on your Ionian villa holiday.

Ionian villa holiday

Outside space too. We’ve lots of that. The pool terrace is 200m2, add in the dining terrace (with barbecue), the private terrace to the master superking bedroom, and our outside lounge. Just perfect for an afternoon read (or nap?) and for chilling before or after dinner.

A six seater hot tub. Secluded in the forest. With a view to die for!

Ionian villa holiday

You may have a hot tub on your list too. We’ve got one of those. In a secluded little glade in the forest. Sit in the tub in the bubbling hot water and enjoy a different perspective on one of the Ionian’s truly amazing views.

Privacy and peace when on holiday. Priceless!

Peace and quiet. Privacy. Away from the madding crowds? You won’t do better than Villa Gabriella Lefkada for privacy and quiet on your Ionian villa holiday. Yet we’re only a 7-8 minute from the bustling quayside town of Nidri and it’s small beach. And a multitude of other beaches on the island are only 20-30 minutes away. A different beautiful beach each day? Absolutely!

And then why not head over to somewhere like Skyscanner to find the best choice of flights?

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

Lefkada villa holiday

Hot tub anyone?

Lefkada villa holiday

Lots of things make a great Lefkada villa holiday, but luxury features like a hot tub is surely a favourite. And we’ve just relocated our hot tub to a newly built platform in the forest. It’s tucked away from the rest of the villa, secluded in the trees, and with an amazing view.

Lefkada villa holiday

You look out across the ionian, seeing the famous island of Skorpios, Meganissey and the Greek mainland. All whilst the numerous jets massage you in water at 38C. This is luxury on a Lefkada villa holiday.

Over the 2021-22 winter we moved the hot tub, building a new stone platform which gives these great views. Now just a few meters along a curving path you’ll find it tucked away from the main terraces giving those that want some “tub time” great privacy. Whether you want to take our big Jambox speaker and listen to your music, whether you’ve had a tough day exploring the island and just need the hot water and massage jets, or perhaps you’d just like to chill away from the family for a while. Whatever your plan, our hot tub is the place to be!

Why not check our remaining availability for summer 2022 (only 3 weeks left!) here; or perhaps you should book early for your Lefkada villa holiday in 2023.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

On a luxury villa holiday you really want to chill out. So we’re delighted that (after the usual stresses of building projects) that we’ve completed our outside lounge pergola.  Just perfect for a chill out on a luxury villa holiday.

Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

We started by moving the hot tub into a forest “enclave”. And then built a wonderful outside lounging space next to the dining terrace.   The new location of the hot tub offers guests more privacy and starlit night skies – we’re a great “dark sky” area at Villa Gabriella Lefkada.   But it still has a stunning Ionian view through a gap in the trees.  The new pergola is beautifully build in wood and is finished in a beautiful clear wax. It houses comfortable sofas for all our guests to lounge whilst enjoying the panorama.

Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

Sheltered from the direct sun in mid-summer it’s perfect for reading a book or even a post-lunch snooze in the shade!   Now that’s what we call a chill out on a luxury villa holiday! It’s also a wonderfully comfortable luxury space to enjoy a sundowner, aperitif or even an after-dinner drink.  

We’re just waiting on delivery of the safety glass so parents with young children can relax but still enjoy the view from the elevated position. That’s a job for next week after the Greek Orthodox Easter weekend.

As ever this project involved a team of people to get the right result!  Our thanks to all involved.  Designed and managed by Steve Clarke-Lens.  Beautiful carpentry by Yannis & building works by Christos. Together they’ve created a space for you to chill out on a luxury villa holiday.

To book your stay check our availability here. And why not look at flights on Skyscanner for the best options to get to our local airport, Preveza (PVK), which is only 45 minutes drive away.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

Greek villa, Greek wine, great holiday

Each year at Villa Gabriella Lefkada we choose two wines, one white, one red, for our guests. It helps get your holiday off to a perfect start – Greek villa, Greek wine, great holiday! When you choose a luxury villa for your holiday we try to take care of the details. And this is just one of them.

Greek villa Greek wine

As oenophiles we’re passionate about wine in general but especially the revolution in Greek wines in the last generation.  Of course there’s the ancient history about Greek wines, probably the oldest ever cultivated.  But the modern history is remarkable.  If you once drank cheap retsina on a Greek island in your late teens, then you may just have an outdated view of modern Greek winemaking and wines. There are dozens of top-class wineries across Greece, where winemakers have a passion to elevate Greek winemaking to rival the best in the world. And many of them are using indigenous Greek grape varieties, some almost lost through history.

Fine Greek wines just down the road

In Nydri we’re fortunate to have one of the best wine shops for many miles around.  Run by Bob & Anja from Denmark who share our passion for Greek wine and sharing it with visitors to Lefkada. With their extensive knowledge of Greek wine and wineries, we’ve chosen a couple of wines to get your Greek holiday off to the perfect start.

The best news of course is you can pop in and restock anytime. Take the time to browse their extensive collection if you’d like to explore more of the world of Greek wine. Visit their shop in Nydri or online at to enjoy your Greek villa, Greek wine, great holiday experience to the full. They also have a great wine bar at the back where you can watch the world go by on the quayside and enjoy a range of the wines they sell.

Our 2022 white wine.

For 2022 we’ve gone for a white wine from the Koukos winery near the west coast of the Peloponnese. In the late 1990s brothers Panagiotis & Konstantinos Koukos created Koukos Winery.  Driven by a love of quality wine they built a small winemaking facility, a family business, that relies exclusively on the cultivation, production & bottling of wine from the family’s privately-owned vineyards. Lying close to the Strofylia pine forest, the topography benefits from coastal influences to cool the growing grapes. With the full production on-site, they make wines that are the product of a family’s passion. From the vine to the bottle labelling.  This love of wine is combined with the family’s belief in organic production; no ‘outside’ intervention and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides. And total espect for the environment and keeping the ecosystem in balance.

We’ve chosen Koukos’ “Lydia” dry white wine.  Made from 100% Sideritis, a traditional Greek variety, and vinified in stainless steel to allow the fruit to show through, this is very pale lemon colour and offers citrus aromas, especially lime, with herbal notes and a touch of minerality. Despite the stainless-steel vinification there’s a rich mouthfeel, intense acidity & a long finish.  It’s also relatively low in alcohol at 12.5%, perfect for warm Greek weather.  The winemaker suggests serving at 8-10C, so don’t over chill it – our fridge is at 4C! 

Our 2022 red wine

The choice for our 2022 red also comes from the Peloponnese, but this time the eastern end, from the Lantides Winery in the PDO of Nemea.  Ktima Lantidis is a family business founded in 1993 by Panikos Lantidis to promote quality Greek wine. The soil & climate of Nemea support cultivation of a range of varieties including the Greek indigenous varieties of Agiorgitiko, Moschofilero, Assyrtiko & Malagouzia. Today, the Estate cultivates 170 acres of privately owned vineyards & buys grapes from another 50 acres of carefully selected collaborators.

We’ve chosen Lantides 2019 Agiorgitiko. If you’re familiar with French Beaujolais you’ll find some characteristics to be similar.  This is quite a light red wine (it suits the Greek summer too) & is brilliant paired with lamb on the spit or barbecue.  The altitude of the vineyards for these grapes (650m) helps cool the ripening grapes, despite the hot Greek sunshine. In turn this prevents the wine from becoming too cooked or “jammy” & allows it to retain a freshness uncommon in warm climate red wines. Red fruit notes predominate, raspberry, strawberry & red cherry. Aged for 14 months in French oak it’s picked up subtle vanilla undertones & some spicy notes. The oak aging has also helped soften the tannins giving this wine a smooth mouth feel and a long and pleasant finish. On a warm Greek summer evening we suggest serving very lightly chilled at about 12-14C.

So if you fancy a fantastic Greek villa, Greek wine experience why not holiday at Villa Gabriella Lefkada this summer. You can check our availability here.

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Lefkada villa rental with an Airbnb Superhost

Lefkada villa rental means you enjoy an amazing holiday amidst the luxury of Villa Gabriella Lefkada with breathtaking Ionian views. If you prefer to book via Airbnb you’ll find us here where you’ll see we continue to enjoy Superhost status. So you know you’re in the best possible hands for your holiday.

Lefkada villa rental

Wake up to this view each morning as you enjoy a swim in our pool (heated in low season) or a coffee (from our bean to cup coffee machine) on our terrace.

At Villa Gabriella Lefkada you also enjoy complete tranquility amidst the cypress forests overlooking the town of Nydri. You’re some 600m from the nearest house so you enjoy complete privacy during your Lefkada villa rental. Yet a short drive (7-8 minutes) brings you to the bustling harbour quay in Nydri with an abundance of traditional Greek tavernas and an increasing range of higher end restaurants.

lefkada villa rental

Surrounded by trees for complete privacy Villa Gabriella Lefkada enjoys a privileged position on the mountainside above Nydri.

Lefkada villa rental

Nydri is a traditional Greek harbourside town. Packed with shops, tavernas, bars and restaurants. Perfect when you want to “re-engage” with the outside world.

With, hopefully, the worst of the covid19 pandemic behind us and travel restrictions a thing of the past it’s a perfect time to rediscover travel and enjoy Greece, the Ionian islands and Lefkada again. If you’re fully vaccinated there are no longer any restrictions coming into Greece from most nations. Flight prices remain low as airlines look to encourage people back to flying. So why not check out some flight options into our local airport of Preveza Aktion (PVK) using Skyscanner? And to book a holiday at Villa Gabriella Lefkada direct check our availability here.

Lefkada villa rental. Summer holidays 2022. Bring it on!

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.

The real Greece – off the beaten track on Lefkada

So if you want more than just some of the finest beaches in the world (and Lefkada has no less than seven Blue Flag rated beaches – the global index for clean beaches) and stunning beaches like Egremini and Mylos then you need to explore the interior of our stunningly beautiful island to find the real Greece.

Getting off the tourist trails around the coast and into the centre of this mountainous island will give you some rich insights into the real Greece. You can just hire a car and drive but you’ll probably do better to take a private guided tour. And we’d highly recommend the tour created and led by the wonderful Hazel at Ligia Agency. In a private MPV or Minibus you’ll enjoy a tour that includes:

  • Faneromeni Monastery above Lefkas town
  • The tiny white church of Profit Ilias, perched on one of the highest points on the island with amazing views 
  • The folk museum in the old capital of the island, Karya
  • The plateau at Eglouvi with another beautiful single room Church, Agios Donatos

You’ll also enjoy a wonderful, traditional Greek lunch, another part of the real Greece, and Hazel’s insights into the island. Insights from someone who knows it so well and is intent on showing guests that there’s more to Greece and Lefkada than just our beautiful beaches.

You can check out the amazing reviews for Hazel’s tour on Trip Advisor.

The 2022 season is filling up fast at Villa Gabriella so to check our latest availability either give us a call or check our calendar here to book your stay and then your private tour of the island to find the real Greece.

Villa Gabriella. Ionian luxury. Immerse yourself.