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Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

On a luxury villa holiday you really want to chill out. So we’re delighted that (after the usual stresses of building projects) that we’ve completed our outside lounge pergola.  Just perfect for a chill out on a luxury villa holiday.

Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

We started by moving the hot tub into a forest “enclave”. And then built a wonderful outside lounging space next to the dining terrace.   The new location of the hot tub offers guests more privacy and starlit night skies – we’re a great “dark sky” area at Villa Gabriella Lefkada.   But it still has a stunning Ionian view through a gap in the trees.  The new pergola is beautifully build in wood and is finished in a beautiful clear wax. It houses comfortable sofas for all our guests to lounge whilst enjoying the panorama.

Chill out on a luxury villa holiday

Sheltered from the direct sun in mid-summer it’s perfect for reading a book or even a post-lunch snooze in the shade!   Now that’s what we call a chill out on a luxury villa holiday! It’s also a wonderfully comfortable luxury space to enjoy a sundowner, aperitif or even an after-dinner drink.  

We’re just waiting on delivery of the safety glass so parents with young children can relax but still enjoy the view from the elevated position. That’s a job for next week after the Greek Orthodox Easter weekend.

As ever this project involved a team of people to get the right result!  Our thanks to all involved.  Designed and managed by Steve Clarke-Lens.  Beautiful carpentry by Yannis & building works by Christos. Together they’ve created a space for you to chill out on a luxury villa holiday.

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