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Top 5 things to do on Lefkada

When you go on holiday you may just want to chill by the pool or on the beach. You may want to forget the time and just let the cool vibe and warm sunshine of the Ionian wash over you. Or you may want to laze in the pool, or in the some of the clearest seas, in the world. And if you do that’s just fine. But if you’re one of those people who wants to be out and about, filling your time with action & activity then here’s just a few of our favourite things to do on Lefkada. Our top 5 things to do on Lefkada – in no particular order.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Hire a motorboat

For a change of scenery why not rent a small motorboat and head over to Meganissy. There are plenty of options to hire a small motorboat (no licence required for up to 30hp) but one of the best and most convenient, as they’re on Nydri quayside, is Trident Boats. Cruise round the Islands of Madhouri, Sparti, Skorpios, and Thilia (that’s the tiny one in the channel between Lefkada & Meganissy). Find an empty bay to drop an anchor & swim in the clearest water you can imagine. Head into Spartochori or Vathy on Meganissy for a lunch stop. And enjoy the cool breeze from being on the sea – do take some sun cream!

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Faneromeni Monastery

Next up, and something totally different, why not visit the beautiful Greek Orthodox Faneromeni Monastery? Located just above Lefkas Town, with stunning views towards the northern Ionian, it’s a remarkably peaceful place. Beautiful architecture, beautiful gardens and very relaxing & calming.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – visit the Cape

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada

Try a trip to the southern point of the island. Stop at one of the tavernas on the west of the island for lunch and stop in Vasseliki on the way back for a coffee or a swim, but travel to Cape Lefkada.

The island is at its wildest here. There are some spectacular views to be had and the lighthouse at the southern point is very stunning.

If you’re up for it, then sunset from here is a truly stunning view. But be careful coming back in the dark – some of the roads are narrow, totally unlit and there are more than a few wild goats around!

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – Lefkada Microfarm

Enjoy a visit to the Lefkada Microfarm. Just down the hill from Villa Gabriella it’s a lovely place. Learn about Greek agricultural tradition, enjoy one of their cooking classes or their olive oil experience. Embrace a slower pace of life somewhere that feeds your soul as well as your stomach. It’s a perfect place to find the mental relaxation that’s so important on a holiday.

Top 5 things to do on Lefkada – take a boat trip

If you want to get out on the water without taking the helm, then try a cruise from Nydri quayside. There are many to choose from but our personal favourite is onboard the MS Christina. Their “Forgotten Islands” cruise on a beautiful wooden boat, with plenty of space, plenty of sun loungers, plenty of great food and drinks, is a totally chilled way to enjoy seeing other parts of the area that are too far for a small motorboat hire. They also make swimming stops, and have quite a good record for dolphin spotting too!

But if you’d really just rather chill by the pool with a cold beer, or glass of wine, then that’s fine too! It’s what holidays are for and our lovely sundial cat promises not to interrupt your holiday vibe! But if you really feel the need his tail will tell you whether it’s time for another dip in the pool!

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