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Greek island beauty – aerial views of the Ionian

It’s hard to describe the beauty, the privacy and the absolute tranquility of a holiday at Villa Gabriella.  So we took a few drone flights around the villa to get these stunning shots.  The Phantom drone is a fantastic piece of kit, easy to fly and takes astonishing quality pictures.  If you’re interested in the technology then you’ll find the full information here:

We’ve chosen several pictures for this post as they show different aspects of the location and different views.  They also show the Villa at different times of day.  The Greek islands are rarely less than beautiful but the Ionian islands benefit from being much greener, due to winter rain, than the more easterly Greek islands.  We think these photographs really draw out the beauty of this very special location.  We hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

Greece Greek
Villa Gabriella overlooking Nidri & the Ionian

This picture is taken from behind the house above the olive grove that, in turn, is behind the cypress forest.  Villa Gabriella’s privacy and tranquility becomes obvious.  In the background are the islands of Meganisi, Skorpios, Sparti, and Madouri.  And just visible, rising from the haze, is Kalamos and then the Greek mainland.  If you’re interested in more of the history of the Ionian islands before your holiday there’s a good summary on Wikipedia at



Greece Greek
Villa Gabriella from overhead

This picture, taken directly overhead, shows the villa itself and the adjacent cottage (never rented separately to the main house).  You can see the generous parking space – easily enough for 10 or more cars.  And it further illustrates the privacy offered by the site screened from all sides by the cypress forest.







Greece Greek
Villa Gabriella looking towards the Meganisi Channel

The next two pictures illustrate the villa from either side.  In the first picture the view is to the south of the island.  Vliho bay, the first body of water, is visible.   Beyond that the second body of water you can see is the Meganisi channel that seperates Lefkada from Meganisi.

From the south looking north the road to Vafkeri is visible.  Vafkeri is a pretty little mountain village, close to the centre of the island of Lefkada with a couple of tavernas that are worth a visit for lunch or dinner if you fancy the pretty 10-15 minute drive during your holiday.

This perspective also shows the layout of the pool, pagoda, hot tub and terraces.  It’s worth noting that the road to Villa Gabriella extends only to a single olive grove above – further enhancing the privacy and tranquility of the location.

Greece Greek
Villa Gabriella looking towards the Vafkeri road

We’ve chosen the final image simply for the beautiful light.  This soft, early morning light, taken an hour or so after sunrise, is a beautiful view of Villa Gabriella Lefkada.  With all the terraces, the hot tub and the pool bathed in the early morning sunshine this is a perfect time for an early morning swim or a leisurely breakfast on the terrace.  Just a couple of great ways to start your day during a holiday at Villa Gabriella Lefkada.

Greece Greek
Villa Gabriella in the early morning sunshine