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Luxury Greek Villa Holiday

After our last blog about our trip up to the wonderful Profitis Ilias church we’ve compiled a short video of the 360-degree views from this stunning location on the top of Lefkada.  A visit to the church really does deserve to be a part of your luxury Greek villa holiday at Villa Gabriella.   With views like these at the end of the enjoyable 45-minute drive it’s well worth the effort.  Especially when the drive itself takes you through some timeless locations and some stunning scenery.

Views to soothe the soul

We talk a lot about why Villa Gabriella is such a luxury experience.  But luxury isn’t only about the quality of your surroundings.   It’s more often about space.  In the modern, crowded and bustling world there are few greater luxuries than the space and tranquility to enjoy such stunning natural views.  We’re sure that an hour amidst the space and tranquility of this beautiful location, just soaking up the views, is a truly restful experience for your soul!  And surely that’s a big part of your luxury Greek villa holiday?

Space to breathe, tranquility and of course it’s own stunning views are a big part of your holiday at Villa Gabriella.  Along with the multitude of other luxuries on-site they’re just some of the things that really make your luxury Greek villa holiday so special.

60 seconds will take your breath away

We invite you to take just 60 seconds to watch the video.  We’re confident that those 60 seconds are all you’ll need to decide that a visit to Profitis Ilias, at the top of Lefkada, is a must-do during your stay at Villa Gabriella for your luxury Greek Villa holiday!

Villa Gabriella.  Ionian Luxury.  Immerse yourself.


Luxury Greek Villa Holiday
Profitis Ilias view
Luxury Greek Villa Holiday
Villa Gabriella’s master bedroom view.