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Luxury villa rental Ionian. Detailed perfection

luxury villa rental IonianWe’ve been thinking that the courtyard at the front of the villa, where there’s space to park a small fleet of cars, needed a feature worthy of a luxury villa rental Ionian.  It’s an easily overlooked area of the villa as the view across the Ionian is from the back of the house.  That said it’s a beautiful place to be when the day draws to a close as it catches the warmth of the early evening sunshine.

So we decided that a stone bench was the way to go – a place to sit and enjoy the early evening sunshine amidst the serenity of the forest.  A place to enjoy the flowers planted in the “eye” of the courtyard and the olive tree.  Another space befitting the luxury villa rental Ionian experience that Villa Gabriella Lefkada offers our guests.

With some help from the wonderful “Stathi” whose yard near Lefkas town is full of the most amazing stones, marbles and even petrified woods, we selected a marble that was perfect for Villa Gabriella.  Something that would blend in with the surroundings and match the setting of this luxury Ionian villa.  The marble itself is known as Bianco Perlino – being obviously of Italian origin.  And as you can see from the pictures it has a warm cream colour, characterised by very, very fine veins.

luxury villa rental IonianThe bench  was delivered in three parts for on-site assembly – understandable when you find out that each piece weighs around 150kg.  It was installed recently and now looks absolutely fantastic positioned between the amphora and close to the Olive tree.  Sitting on the bench you look across the courtyard, taking in the “eye”.  This should be a blaze of colour during the spring and summer highlighted against the relaxing greens of the forest behind.  Or you can turn your gaze to the left, admire the olives on the tree and catch of glimpse of the wonderful Ionian sea below.

We’re sure guests will find it another beautiful place to pass some time during their stay at luxury villa rental Ionian experience at Villa Gabriella.

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